A Utah hunter has died after falling 1,000 feet. 61-year-old Anthony Patrick Dugmore went hunting on October 3rd around 4 p.m. He never returned home that evening, prompting his family to contact authorities Sunday morning. The Utah State Parks division, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, and Wasatch County Search and Rescue responded to the call at 7 a.m.

By 10:30 a.m. officials had found Dugmore deceased. Dugmore had fallen down a 1,000-foot embankment. Likewise, authorities also found Dugmore’s UTV crashed and tangled in some trees. Anthony had gone hunting in the Wasatch State Park area. The area has intersecting roads and trails, with some of the trails ending at the edge of private property.

Authorities state that Anthony Dugmore was not wearing a helmet at the time. However, he was wearing his seat belt. It is believed that Anthony was attempting to turn around on a narrow roadway. This was most likely due to the roadway ending at the edge of private property. It is unknown at this time why Dugmore took this particularly rough trail. However, as most hunters know sometimes you get into rough areas looking for game to chase.

Hunting gives people an incredible opportunity to experience wildlife and nature. However, it dosent come without its dangers. Every year hunters make mistakes and get hurt or lose their lives. It’s best to make sure people know where you plan on being and the areas you may move to. Likewise, being prepared for multiple situations can go along way. Hunting with a partner can also prevent accidents or at the very least, help you get out of a bad situation. With all that being said sometimes accidents are unavoidable, like in the above story. Ehuntr sends our condolences to the Dugmore family during this difficult time.

What are your thoughts on this hunter dying after falling 1,000 feet? Have you ever had a near-death experience while hunting? Let us know in the comments.

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