EHUNTR – Electronic Hunt Resource

Why did we start EHUNTR?  

We as hunters are constantly searching for more knowledge and ways of improving. Whether that be hunting a new state or pursuing a species you have never hunted. The game is constantly changing and we needed to be able to adapt to those changes. We could either begin a never-ending search on the internet and hope to stumble upon something good, or we could develop a Resource Center of our own that has everything from start to finish. So thats exactly what we did! 

What is EHUNTR?

We are the #1 resource and your go-to access point for everything you’ll ever need in the hunting and outdoor industry. Whether you are a first-timer, seasoned pro, or anything in between look no further. EHUNTR is the resource that will stop the endless internet searches with a one-stop-shop guide to everything you’ll need to know from DIY hunting advice to tips and tactics from the pros. We have partnered with  top industry professionals to offer the best and most current and up to date content available. So STOP the internet searches and START improving now with 

*EHUNTR is not responsible for incorrect application information as dates are subject to change based on individual state regulation. Please check local state regulations for exact application deadline dates to ensure accuracy.