TOP GIFTS FOR HUNTERS UNDER $200 – Buying gifts for hunters can be a tough task.  Either their gifts are extremely expensive, such as guns, bows, ammunition, side-by-sides, etc.  Or they just buy the things they want throughout the year.  In this article, I’m going to share some top gift ideas for hunters that cost less than $200.  I’ll also make it very easy for you by inserting links that you can click on to order these products.


I know there are going to be a lot of spouses out there that think their husband won’t like getting a knife for Christmas because they already have too many.  Too many knives doesn’t exists for hunters.

If the hunter in your family doesn’t have an Outdoor Edge knife in their backpack or hunting gear, this is the year.  I recommend the 3.5″ RazorLite knife.  It is a great all-around knife that will allow him or her to dress an animal, cape an animal, and carry in their pocket for whatever they need a pocket knife for.  The RazorLite is only $26.95 and would be a fantastic stocking stuffer.  If the hunter in your life already has an Outdoor Edge knife, I promise they won’t be disappointed to have a new one.


I was reading on a popular hunting forum site the other day, and someone asked the group what they were getting for Christmas.  Many of the replies on the site stated that they were asking for hunting gloves.  Hunting gloves are another piece of gear where you can’t have too many.

Many people will ask, “which gloves should I get?”  That is a great question, and let me see if I can help.  First, look at the camo brand that your hunter likes to wear.  Whether it’s Sitka, Kings, Under Armour, or anything in between, you first need to find their brand.  If they don’t have a camo brand that they love, this is going to be much easier.  Second, think back to the time of year that your hunter normally goes hunting.  If they do early season hunts, like archery hunts, you’ll want to go with a lightweight hunting glove.  Check out our article on lightweight hunting gloves, and that will help get you started.  If they mainly do late season hunts, you’ll want to get a more insulated pair of gloves.

During late season hunts, I recommend using the Kings Insulated gloves.  They work if your hunter uses that pattern of glove, but they also provide solid colors so they can be used with any camo or apparel.  The Kings Insulated gloves are great as an outer layer glove, and they can be worn as the only pair of gloves.  Either way, they will keep your hunter’s hands nice and warm.  The best part is, the only cost $24.50.

Binocular Harness                                                                  

If the hunter in your life is still using the spider strap bino harness that was sent with his or her binoculars, please buy them a harness for Christmas.  These items are game changers in the field, and no hunter would be sad to get one.

Buying a binocular harness may prove to be a little bit more difficult, but let me help you out.  Again, if your hunter has a camo company they like, try and buy one in that same brand.  If you’r unsure, you can buy most brands in solid colors, and hunters usually like that.  The other big question will be which size.  For most brands of binoculars, if they are a 10 power binocular, as size small harness will work.  If your hunter’s binoculars are 12, 15, or 18 power, you’ll want to go with a large.

A few of my favorite binocular harnesses are the Kuiu, Badlands, Horn Hunter, and Alaska Guide Creations.  These harnesses are light, secure, and provide the perfect amount of protection to your expensive binoculars.  And the best part is, they are all under $200.

OnX Maps

In another recent article we posted, we discussed how much we use our cell phones while hunting.  The main thing we use them for is mapping tools.  Your hunter probably already uses OnX maps, or another mapping program.  However, these are subscriptions that must be renewed every year.

OnX maps offers their Elite Membership for a reasonable price of $99/year.  This allows the user to have access to all states.  The maps show public/private boundaries, hunting units, walk in access, and so much more.


In today’s world, if you didn’t record it, it didn’t happen.  Well, it’s a lot the same for hunting.  As hunters, we absolutely love taking pictures and video.  Whether it’s scouting for animals in the early months, during our hunts, and especially during the rut season of any animal.  It is very expensive to purchase a fancy camera that takes amazing pictures.  And, if you’ve ever looked into a high powered lens to reach out there, you know the disaster that is to your wallet.  However, there are other options.

Digiscoping is a great way to capture amazing photos of animals with just using your phone.  Companies like Phoneskope make it very easy to accomplish this task.  Ordering a Phoneskope may be a little daunting, but don’t worry, it’s not that hard.  If you know which phone your hunter uses, and which optic, you can just put that information in their website, and they’ll send you the correct adapters.  On a side note, if you need to know which optic they have, the names are usually on the focus wheel or objective of the optic. Also to make it easy on you, click this link and you can order the master kit for $79.99 from Amazon.  It includes the case, adapter, and a lens cloth.


The last item on the list is something that I could almost guarantee every hunter either has or wants in their pack.  If they already have one, that’s ok.  The ones I’m going to share today might be an upgrade for them.  If they already have a nice one, they won’t be disappointed to have a backup.

Headlamps are lifesavers in the backcountry.  I had to field dress my deer this year using a headlamp.  Without it, I would’ve been trying to use a flashlight in one hand and a knife in the other.  I’m sure you can guess how that probably would’ve turned out.

There are some very nice headlamps out these days.  Some can absolutely break the bank.  The two I’m going to share with you today are great headlamps at a reasonable price.

The first headlamp is the Black Diamond Storm 400.  At $49.95, this headlamp won’t drain all of your Christmas budget, but still provide your hunter with a great light.  At max power it emits 400 lumens of light, which is plenty to help dress an animal or get your hunter back to camp.

The second headlamp is the Petzl Swift RL.  This headlamp is definitely more expensive, coming in at $119.95.  Now, before you call me crazy and say you’re not spending that much on a headlamp, hear me out.  This headlamp emits 900 lumens.  That is bright!  It’s also rechargeable, so your hunter won’t be replacing batteries all the time.  The other thing that makes this headlamp stand out is the strap.  This is a very comfortable headlamp to wear.  In fact, I do a lot of running, and I love this headlamp for running.


We hope this list gives you some starting points for your hunters this Christmas season.  Most of the items on the list were actually less than $100, but some creeped a little above that mark, so we called this the top gifts under $200.  I’m not telling you anything new when I say hunting is expensive.  However, there are a lot of items out there under $200 that your hunter would like almost as much as those really expensive items.

Leave us a comment below.  Did this list help you with your Christmas planning?  Are there other items you would add to this list?

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