Lightweight gloves are a piece of gear that I use on every hunt.  I use them in early hunts during cool mornings, and I use them as my base layer during cold hunts during late season hunts.  I have even become accustomed to shooting my gun and bow while wearing a pair of lightweight gloves.  But, who makes the best lightweight gloves for hunting?  In this article, I’m going to review a few of the top lightweight gloves that I have used for hunting during all seasons.  Click the links on each glove to read more or to purchase the gloves.

Kryptek Krytos

Kryptek makes high quality hunting gear.  A lot of their gear is comparable to military gear, as their slogan is “battlefield to backcountry”.  The Kryptek Krytos glove is no different.  Although it’s a lightweight glove, it is very durable.  It provides a little amount of warmth and comfort, while not making your hands too hot.  Similar to other gloves in this category, it has a smartphone friendly index finger and thumb.  It also has silicone in the palm that helps with gripping a gun or bow.  I’m new to using this glove, but have enjoyed it this year during the early hunts to keep my hands warm on cool mornings.  I haven’t liked using it as a base layer when wearing insulated gloves over the top of it as it is a bit too bulky.

Sitka Ascent

I really enjoyed this glove when I used it.  It’s been a few years since I’ve used the Sitka Ascent glove, but I loved how easy it was to put these gloves on and how comfortable they are to wear.

The reason I went away from the Ascent glove was the durability of it.  Where I hunt, I have to walk through bushes, shell rock and other tough terrain.  I also have to open gates from time to time, and that’s what did this glove in for me.  Shortly after buying this glove, it tore, and I didn’t really get to test it in cool weather conditions or layer.

Kings XKG

The Kings XKG lightweight glove is the thinnest of all the gloves in this article.  However, it is my favorite lightweight glove that I have used.  It is durable and provides all the benefits of the other gloves.  It is smartphone friendly, comfortable, easy to don and doff, and provides some warmth.  Due to the thinness of the glove, it is also the best for layering.  I use this glove with my insulated gloves over the top when glassing.  When I need to remove my insulated gloves to shoot, use my phone, or anything else, these gloves are thin enough to allow me to do everything.  At the same price as the Kryptek gloves, $24.99, it is also the least expensive glove.

Lightweight gloves are something that all hunters should have in their pack or pant pocket.  For me, I recommend the Kings XKG gloves to cover a variety of situations.

What is your favorite lightweight glove?

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