IDAHO NONRESIDENT ELK AND DEER TAGS – Planning for next season starts now.  If you were looking to do OTC for Arizona archery, you already missed those tags.  However, there are more opportunities coming available soon.  The nonresident elk and deer tags for Idaho will go on sale December 1st.

Nonresident Elk and Deer Tags

The nonresident elk and deer tags for Idaho will go on sale December 1st at 10am.  To obtain a tag, hunters will have to go online or have the app to purchase a tag.  The Idaho Fish and Game have released an entire list on the tags that will be available.

The Idaho Fish and Game also released a bullet point list of things to do to prepare for the tags to go on sale December 1st.

  • Review the Big Game regulations on Fish and Game’s website. Hunters should know the deer Game Management Unit and/or Elk Management Zone for the tags they want to buy.
  • Review the number of tags available for the unit/zone wanted, and have back-up options if the first choice is sold out.
  • Deer hunters must select whether they want a regular deer tag or a white-tailed deer tag, which affects the season length in some units. See “Deer General Seasons” in the 2024 Big Game Seasons and Rules booklet.
  • Hunters buying online must create and/or log into their account to purchase a deer and/or elk tag. We encourage hunters to create and review accounts prior to Dec. 1 to ensure all information on the account, such as Hunter Education and mailing address, is up to date.
  • Hunters born after 1974 must have proof of hunter education certification on file prior to purchasing a hunting license and tags. Archery hunters must also prove their archery certification.
  • Do not buy hunting licenses in advance of the sale, and instead, plan to purchase your license when you buy tags. Remember that hunting licenses are nonrefundable.

Things to Know for December 1st

As mentioned above, the tags will go on sale at 10am December 1st.  However, you will want to be logged in prior to that time.  The IFG uses cookies on their website and app to build the waiting list for the tags.  Once you’re in that waiting list, you will be assigned a random number to go in and purchase your tag.  The IFG recommends that you only login on one device and plan to stay logged in until you’ve completed your transaction.

The Idaho Fish and Game warns against panic buying.  Ensure that you know what tags you want to purchase prior to December 1st, that way when your number is called, you can quickly jump on and purchase you tag.  The IFG also provided several other recommendations that can be found here.

Will you be purchasing a nonresident elk or deer tag in Idaho?  What other recommendations would you have for hunters that have never purchased these tags?

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