REVIEW: OUTDOORSMAN’S BINOCULAR ADAPTER: Hunting techniques and tactics have changed a lot over the last 5-10 years.  A big reason for that change is due to the technology advancements in the optics we use.  The glass quality has increased, the magnification and clarity has changed, and the way in which we glass has improved.  A product that I absolutely love, and has changed the way I glass, is the binocular adapter from Outdoorsman’s.

What Is It?

The binocular adapter from Outdoorsman’s is one of the most simple pieces of equipment that you will ever use.  Basically it’s a metal post that connects to the plate of your tripod.  Then there is a stud that you screw into the front of your binoculars.  That stud connects to the adapter and clicks into place.  Then you can screw the adapter down onto the stud so that there is little to no movement.

It truly is the most simple thing that you’ll ever see, but it makes such a huge difference in your glassing.  It comes in two different sizes.  The regular size and the tall size.  If you’re using large objective binoculars, you may want to use the large size.  However, most binoculars can use the smaller adapter.  The adapter and the stud cost about $100 together.  I know that sounds like a lot for something so simple, but I honest believe you’re paying for what it does more than what it is.

How Does It Improve Glassing

Have you ever held up your 15 power or any other heavy binoculars and tried to find game?  It is very difficult.  Actually, it’s difficult to hold up a light pair of binoculars and spot game a long ways away.  Our arms and hands are too shaky, and it makes it difficult to pick apart a mountain side.  Attaching your binoculars to a tripod is a game changer for this issue.

There have been several other binocular adapters in the past, but the adapter from Outdoorsman’s makes is simple and robust.  Other adapters that I’v used have still allowed for some shaking.  The adapter doesn’t fit well, or it’s made so cheap that it flat doesn’t work.  This little adapter is solid.  It removes all the shaking from your body and is so simple to use.  Since I’ve started using this adapter, I can not only spot further distance, but I can also pick apart every tree to find animals.  I don’t have a percentage on how many more animals I’ve found using the adapter, but it’s a significant percentage.  Gone are the days of me putting miles and miles on my feet just to try and jump up an animal.  I can now sit on a hillside and glass for animals for hours.

Final Thoughts

I am not sponsored by Outdoorsman’s, nor do I have any agreement with them.  This is a completely unbiased review of this product.  I’ve used the Vortex adapter, which has honestly copied the Outdoorsman’s adapter.  I’ve used the Leupold and several others, but none compare to this one.  Many others are trying, and honestly, they’re getting close.  Even the new Vortex is close, but I wouldn’t waste your money.  Go straight to the Outdoorsman’s and start finding more animals.  Combine this product with a good pair of glass and it will not only save miles on your feet, it will help you find more animals.

Check out our video review for more details.

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