COLORADO OBTAINS AUTHORITY OVER WOLVES – The introduction of wolves in Colorado has been an extremely controversial topic.  Many hunters believe that this is the beginning to the end of the elk and deer herds in the state.  Since the introduction, residents and non-residents alike have wondered who will manage the wolves once introduced.  In a recent news release, the US Fish and Wildlife answered that question.

Wolves in Colorado

Those three words have populated many of Ehuntr’s articles, podcasts and social media posts.  It is a subject that we have monitored closely and will continue to monitor.  Wolves have decimated elk and deer herds in other states such as Washington and Idaho.  Now we fear that Colorado will have the same result.

Sadly, the introduction was introduced to legislation as a reintroduction, which is false.  When the vote went to the polls, the residents of Colorado were swayed to vote for this introduction.  From conversations we’ve had with CPW officials, there is concern with the introduction, but they feel they can manage them.

Colorado Obtains Authority

Hunters have been asking for the CPW to have control over the introduction of the wolves.  If Colorado has to have them, we want them to at least be managed properly.  Recently, the US Fish and Wildlife determined the wolf introduction as a nonessential experimental population, and decided to give authority of management to the CPW.  With this authority, the CPW plans to introduce these wolves by 12/31/23.

“Big news for our Colorado wolf reintroduction efforts,” CPW said on Twitter. “10j gives us gray wolf management flexibility, so we are on schedule to have wolves on the ground by 12/31/23.”

U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper, D-Colorado, released a statement praising the designation.

“This final rule respects the will of Colorado voters, farmers, ranchers and conservationists, and sets our state up for responsible gray wolf reintroduction,” Hickenlooper said.

Please share your thoughts.  With the CPW having authority over this introduction, are you confident that the wolves will be managed appropriately?

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