IDEAL HUNTING CONDITIONS IN WISCONSIN – The annual gun season for deer hunting in Wisconsin opened last Saturday.  Wisconsin hunters are experiencing some of the best hunting conditions possible.  But what does this mean for the gun season hunt?

Perfect Hunting Conditions

When you think of hunting in a tree stand in Wisconsin in November, you usually think of freezing cold and misery.  And to be honest, you’re mostly correct.  Sitting in a tree stand can be tough, but when the temperatures drop, it almost becomes unbearable.  However, this year, hunting conditions are fantastic in Wisconsin.

According to several in-field reports as well as weather apps, hunters are experiencing 20s and 30s degree temperatures.  Some people may think that’s cold, but it’s much better than the single digit and sometimes below zero temperatures that are common for Wisconsin for November.  Wisconsin also experienced significant snow storms prior to the hunt starting, so animals are easy to see and track on a fresh layer of snow.  For most Wisconsin hunters, this is perfect!

Impact on Wisconsin Hunting

Although hunting licenses have had a negative trend over many years, Wisconsin is seeing a healthy climb the last two years in sells.  The DWR expects to sell around 550,000 tags each year.  Last year, they sold 564,440 tags, and they expect to have even more this year.  With only a few days left in the nine-day hunt, the numbers are looking good.

Hunting brings a significant amount of revenue to the Wisconsin DWR.  It helps provide resources to the division that would not be obtained otherwise.  Gun season is a special time for many Wisconsin residents.  It’s a tradition that they look forward to all year round.

Are you one of the 550,000 tags sold in Wisconsin each year?  Was 2023 a perfect year for gun season in Wisconsin?

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