BUY WYOMING REFUND HUNTING LICENSES – Hunters are always looking for more opportunities to go hunting.  Whether it’s leftover tags in Colorado or raffle tags in other states, we always want more opportunities.  Don’t miss your opportunity to get another license for Wyoming.

Wyoming Refund Tags

Wyoming recently posted an article about refund tags that are now available.  Don’t miss your chance to obtain one of these tags.  These tags will be sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.  To obtain a tag, you will need to go to the Wyoming Game and Fish website to purchase one.

“Game and Fish Commission regulations allow hunters to request a refund of their license if they meet qualifying refund criteria. When the hunter’s request meets the criteria identified in Commission regulation and is approved by the department, the license is made available to other hunters for purchase,” said Jennifer Doering, Game and Fish licensing section manager.

We’ll attach a link the purchase the tags online.

Hunting in Wyoming

Wyoming provides a lot of opportunity to hunt.  The above tags are also applicable to nonresident deer and elk tags.  For anyone out of state looking for additional opportunities, this could be a great time to pick up a tag.  The other great thing about Wyoming is it offers good quality animals.  In many of these units, a hunter can obtain a trophy deer or elk.  Wyoming does have different regulations that hunters will need to abide by, and it is your responsibility to understand those regulations.

Wyoming did experience significant winter kill over the last couple of years, which is something that should be taken into account before purchasing a license.  We have published several posts and articles on the winter kill in Wyoming.

Are you a hunter looking for more opportunities to hunt?  Don’t miss out on these tags!

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