Across the United States, there appears to be difficulty among gun suppliers to retain inventory. The high demand for guns and ammo may make it hard for hunters this year. These gun suppliers report there has been a “huge surge” in rifle and ammo purchases.  This is largely attributable to the Covid-19 pandemic, which seems to be motivating more people to go enjoy the outdoors with a hunting tag in their pocket.

For instance, last year, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation made $300,000 on the first-day selling licenses. This year, the number has exceeded $900,000.  That’s about a 200% increase in sales, in just one year. Many other states, like the Dakotas, and Missouri, are reporting similar spikes in sales.

“We try to sell ammo, but that’s been a challenge in 2020, it’s very hard to find ammo.” -South Dakota Military Heritage Alliance Executive Director Brian Phelps

Furthermore, Phelps is now forced to limit customers to one box of ammunition, rather than the normal three to five hundred rounds. Similarly, Ben Minkel, who owns a small firearms store in Bonne Terre, Missouri, reported a 300% increase in sales.

“Sales are higher than we’ve ever seen, even during the Obama administration.  We’re seeing shortages in weapons and ammunition due to manufacturers having shut down for weeks due to Covid-19.” – Ben Minkel

It’s worth noting these issues are not arising due to new people wanting to get outdoors.  It’s a combination of experienced hunters wanting to buy more ammo and new rifles, and new people wanting to get outdoors. The current state of manufacturing just hasn’t been able to keep up with these demands. It is unknown when things will get back to normal.  But for now, let’s be happy more people are getting outdoors.

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