This picture is a picture of the most famous mule deer that has ever walked this earth. He was filmed in the winter range of Western Wyoming in the early 90s. Reaching over 40+” wide and scoring close to 240″, this deer is a true Legend. With the changes in today’s technology, there will never be another deer of this mystery and allure. There may be bigger deer but none will grab the attention of the serious mule deer hunters like this deer. We dream of deer like this, every day we go afield. By now you know this is the True Legend of all Legends…

Photo Credit: A.Ellis / Redone:

Legends Never Die is dedicated to bringing back the memories of bucks from the past that are “Legendary.” We have all seen photos of giant bucks from back in the hay day, and with jaws dropped open, have only dreamt about the chance at a buck of a lifetime like that. In this segment, you will see never before seen photos of Legendary deer like Popeye, Morty, King Crab and many more.  This series of photos were taken by A.Ellis from 1989-1994 and brought back to life by us at 

All these deer roamed public land in Western Wyoming, most never being taken by a hunter.  Many deer in this series will have several years of their photos. When coming up with a name for this series of photos we used a spinoff of one of our favorite movies, The Sandlot. 

Big Deer get remembered, but Legends Never Die. And I think you will all agree, these deer are true Legends of the West.  For any questions on these deer, or if you’re interested in seeing all the pictures in the series, make sure to follow us. 

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