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California has beautiful beaches, iconic views, and some of the most visited tourist attractions in the nation. Even with a month in the state you still could not hit all the spots that grace postcards. The giant redwoods, the Hollywood sign, the star walk, Disneyland, Yosemite, Big Sur, the list goes on and on. California is a beautiful place, but it is tainted.

The stink of big government ruins the state. Ridiculous policies and overall ineptitude of the state’s top officials are abundantly clear. This article isn’t going into all the political drama that is all over the news. We are covering one of the recent laws that passed. Bobcat hunting shut down! Yeah, you read that right, California Governor Newsom signed AB 1254 into law. AB 1254 sponsored by Sydney Kamlager-Dove (D-54), passed the Assembly on 9/10/19. AB 1254 was presented to the governor on 9/19/19.

This excerpt directly from the law as it reads, “This bill would make it unlawful to hunt, trap, or otherwise take a bobcat, except under specified circumstances, including under a depredation permit.” The law continues  “The bill would prohibit the take of bobcats under the above-described authorizations for the take of non-game mammals.” The law also mandates that beginning January 2025 that the commission must create a management plan prior to opening a season. That plan must include the effect on bobcat prey, disease, bobcat populations. The cost of implementing and enforcing the hunts must also be included.

In the most recent attack on hunting, the California Assembly introduced Bill 1254, which would ban bobcat hunting…

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In the text of the law, it has this statement “(4) Consider state residents’ values with regard to the trophy hunting of bobcats.”  That statement is in Section 5, 4157. The legislatures are using trigger words to help pass and promote this bull excrement. Banning hunting will hurt the bobcats more than hunting them will. The population will explode, the will eat all the prey and starve to death, or move into residential areas and become pests taken out by hired sharpshooters.

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