If you missed out on the Utah hunt drawing for deer or elk permits earlier this year but still want to hunt this fall, you have one last chance. The remaining permits will be available for purchase starting next week. Remember, it’s first come, first served, and you must have a valid hunting or combination license.

Permits On Sale July 11th

Elk permits will go on sale first. On Tuesday, July 11th at 8 a.m., general-season archery elk permits for adults and youth will be unlimited and up for grabs. Also on the same day, youth general-season elk permits will be available. This year, these permits allow any youth aged 17 or younger on July 31st to hunt all general-season elk hunts, including archery, muzzleloader, and any legal weapon seasons. These permits are unlimited and can be purchased until the last day of the last general-season elk hunt.

Likewise, in addition to elk, limited-entry buck deer, pronghorn, and over-the-counter bison permits will also be available starting on Tuesday, July 11th. There are limited quantities of limited-entry buck deer and pronghorn permits, but the Nine Mile hunting unit bison permits are unlimited. Remember to complete an online orientation course before purchasing a bison permit.

Permits On Sale July 13th

On Thursday, July 13th, general season any bull elk permits for adults will be available. This year, the general-season bull elk hunt is split into two seasons: an early-season hunt from October 7th to 13th, offering 15,000 permits, and a late-season hunt from October 14th to 20th with unlimited permits. The muzzleloader hunt from November 1st to 9th is part of the 15,000 permit total, and multi-season permits for any bull elk hunts are no longer available.

Permits On Sale July 18th

As for deer permits, the general-season buck deer permits that were not drawn in the big game drawing will be available on Tuesday, July 18th. Only 76 permits remain, so act fast. Youth general-season archery deer permits will also be available on the same day. These permits are specifically set aside for youth hunters each year, and you can find the number of permits and applicable units on the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources website.

Permits On Sale July 20th

For general-season spike bull elk permits for adults and youth, mark your calendars for Thursday, July 20th. These permits for any-legal weapon, muzzleloader, and multi-season hunts have a combined 15,000 permits available, with a cap of 4,500 on multi-season permits.

To buy a permit, you can do so online, at a DWR office, or from any available license agent. Keep in mind that the permits go on sale at 8 a.m., so check the hours of your nearest agent beforehand. There will be a virtual waiting room online to manage the high volume of people, but be careful not to refresh or navigate away from the queue page and lose your spot.

This is your last chance to secure a big game hunting permit in Utah this fall, so don’t miss out. Take the opportunity to mentor a youth and pass on your love for the outdoors. Make sure to review the 2023 Utah Big Game Field Regulations Guidebook, along with the Big Game Application Guidebook and information about the 2023 antlerless hunts, available online. You can read about the available permits by clicking here. Likewise, you can read more Utah hunting news by clicking here.

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