WDFW Seeking Public Input

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is seeking input from the public regarding the longer-term planning of hunting seasons. This three-year season setting effort aims to gather feedback on potential changes to hunting laws in Washington from 2024 to 2026. The ongoing scoping period, which began last week and ends on July 2, offers an opportunity for individuals to express their opinions and influence game managers.

How To Get Involved

To participate in the process, interested individuals can provide their comments through various channels. Online submissions can be made via WDFW’s public scoping survey at https://publicinput.com/i4611. Alternatively, comments can be sent via email to 77552@PublicInput.com or left as a voicemail by calling 855-925-2801 and entering code 2576. Written comments can also be mailed to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife – Wildlife Program at PO Box 43200, Olympia, WA 98504.

How Does This Process Work

The three-year season setting process is a comprehensive procedure. This procedure allows the WDFW to propose changes to hunting laws and gather public input. During the intervals between three-year cycles, the Department can suggest minor adjustments or address emerging needs through an annual season setting. The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission makes the final decision on hunting seasons, considering the public’s input and recommendations from staff members.

Anis Aoude, the game division manager at WDFW, encourages all individuals interested in upcoming hunting seasons to share their feedback and contribute to the rule-making process. By gathering input, the Department aims to gain a better understanding of the desires and expectations of Washington hunters, ultimately shaping the future of hunting regulations in the state.

Propose Changes

As part of the public scoping survey, participants have the opportunity to propose changes to the Washington Administrative Code (WAC). Specifically, they can add input for the 2024-2026 hunting seasons. Suggestions can cover various aspects such as game species, permits, access, and general game management. The input received during the scoping period will play a vital role in determining which proposed rule changes should proceed.

The WDFW welcomes perspectives from all members of the public and strives to create inclusive opportunities for engagement.

Further Public Involvement

In addition to the current scoping period, there will be further opportunities for public involvement. This includes public meetings and a comment period on proposed rule changes, later this year. For more information and updates on the Hunting Season Setting Timeline, individuals can visit the dedicated webpage. The Commission is scheduled to receive the final rule-making recommendations in early 2024.

By providing feedback and participating in the process, individuals can actively shape the future of hunting seasons in Washington. Having the opportunity to influence hunting laws and regulations ensures that they consider the interests and perspectives of the public. Together, stakeholders can contribute to the sustainable management of wildlife and the preservation of Washington’s hunting traditions.

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