After a yearlong investigation, three men have been charged after being involved with an illegal hunting guide service. Phillip Cannon of Fairbanks, Lawrence Chuderewicz of Clear, and Rex Sluchinksi of Carvel, Alberta, Canada were charged in Alaska last week.

Alaska Wildlife Troopers found an illegally harvested moose held by employees of the Gold King Creek Mine in September 2018. This discovery led to the yearlong investigation into the guide service. Multiple search warrants were served to the group’s former clients in Canada and the Lower 48 states. After the investigation, charges were assessed on the three men.

Cannon and Chuderewicz are jointly charged with Guiding or Advertising without a License, Unlawful Possession and Transportation of Game, and Using a Motorized Vehicle in the Wood River Controlled Use Area. The two men received individual charges as well.

Sluchinksi was charged with Using a Motorized Vehicle in the Wood River Controlled Use Area, Nonresident Alien Hunting Without a Guide, and Unsworn Falsification in the Second Degree. You can read the full press release here.

Trial is currently pending, but if you have any other information on these men relating to their time operating this illegal guide service, please contact Officer Ken Marsh at (907) 269-5654 or

Want to run a legal guide service?

Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game lays out the requirements to run a Guide service on their website. See Guide Requirements for Hunting in Alaska. If the rules aren’t followed, then the DFG will send Alaska Wildlife Troopers to do their job which is “identifying illegal guide and transporter activities.” See Enforcement.

Guide services provide a valuable way of life for many people throughout the country. Don’t be one of the bad guides who runs illegal operations. Poaching animal with an illegal guide is as bad as it gets and can ruin hunting for everyone else. Don’t be the person who gives the State more reasons to take our guns and limit hunting our rights.

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Don’t forget, the bag limit was reduced on Alaska Caribou due to a population decline. Read more about it here:

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