The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA) is currently under consideration by the federal government.  The act, being pushed by the Alliance for America’s Fish & Wildlife, will allocate additional funding to the states for conservation purposes.  The passage of RAWA will help prevent over 12,000 species of wildlife and fish from becoming endangered.  Therefore, the Alliance’s mission is to bring changes in conservation funding to protect and conserve the fish and wildlife of this nation, our economy and way of life.

According to the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), about $1.4 billion dollars will be spent each year to help states implement State Wildlife Action Plans (SWAPs).  This means that each state will be given approximately $26 million per year.  SWAPs are proactive measures by the state to use funding in the most efficient way to improve their natural resources.   In addition, the funding will allow for conservation education programs, law enforcement improvements, and habitat restoration.

In a press release by NDOW, if RAWA is passed, Nevada will receive more than $23 million.  With state match, the amount will rise to $31 million per year.  Nevada’s wildlife action plan focuses on 22 habitats and 256 species.  Their list of species include mule deer, bighorn sheep, sage grouse, waterfowl, songbirds, reptiles, native fish and amphibians, and many others.  Thus, NDOW is hopeful that with the passage of RAWA, Nevada’s wild places, and wildlife, will have a bright future.

So far, there are 162 bipartisan supporters of RAWA.  The Alliance for America’s Fish and Wildlife encourages people to take action by contacting their state’s member of congress and asking him or her for support.  They believe that most people have a vested interest in the maintenance of healthy ecosystems and populations.  The recreational use of our natural resources boosts our economy, business, and happiness.  So, in conclusion, the Alliance is confident that this act will be passed.

Do you feel the new legislative effort will be effective?

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