In a unique appeal hearing the Utah Wildlife Board voted to keep the trail camera restriction intact. Back in January, the Wildlife Board voted to ban trail cameras from July 31st to Dec 31st each year. After that vote, the Utah DWR and Utah Wildlife Board received a lot of feedback from sportsmen and women. As a result of this feedback, the Board held an appeal hearing to hear more comments and revote on the trail camera ban.

During the appeal hearing, hunters spoke both in support and against the ban. Likewise, the Utah DWR spoke to the board in support of repealing the ban or banning only transmitting trail cameras. The hearing went on for several hours before the Board called for a vote. Once again the Board voted to keep the trail camera ban intact from July 31st to Dec 31st each year.

This ban will prevent anyone from using a trail camera of any kind to help them take game animals. Below we will list who the trail camera banĀ Does not apply to.

  • Private landowners monitoring active agricultural operations.
  • Agricultural producers harvesting bear or cougar that have killed livestock.
  • Private landowners who are monitoring their property for trespass. However, Private landowners can not use trail cameras to take big game from July 31st to Dec 31st each year.
  • Government or educational organizations gathering wildlife information.
  • Anyone who is not hunting and is just getting footage of wildlife for personal use.
  • Cities involved in theĀ Urban Deer Program

You can read more about this appeal hearing by clicking here. Likewise, you can read our coverage of the original vote by clicking here.

What do you think about the Wildlife Board voting to keep the ban? Do you plan on legally using trail cameras this year? Let us know in the comments!

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