The Wyoming Game and Fish Department program Access Yes provided hunting access to 2.6 million acres in 2021. The Access Yes program focuses on finding inaccessible private, state, and landlocked public lands and working with landowners to generate more access to these lands.

“Access to places to hunt and fish has never been more highly valued than today. Maintaining and expanding access for hunting and fishing is a top priority for Game and Fish for recreation and to meet wildlife management objectives.” – Rick King, Chief of the Game and Fish’s Wildlife Division

Revenue for the Access Yes program is generated through the sale of annual conservation stamps. Donations also help Access Yes create more funding. Likewise, more funding typically means more land with access. Officials work with landowners to enroll them into one of the three programs. These programs are hunter management areas, walk-in hunting areas, and walk-in fishing areas. Revenue is used to pay landowners for easement access to hunting and fishing lands.

“Thank you to landowners for their partnership to make these access opportunities possible. “We also extend our thanks to hunters and anglers for donating to Access Yes when buying a license and to our partners for their continued donations to support the program. Also each dollar donated equates to about 2.8 acres of access.” – Rick King, Chief of the Game and Fish’s Wildlife Division

As of 2022, there are 55 walk-in fishing areas, 343 walk-in hunting areas, and 60 hunter management areas throughout the state. This means there is a good chance that you used Access Yes last year.

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