The Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) is asking hunters to apply for the big dame draw early this year. The application deadline is April 5th. However, CPW would like to see many hunters apply early.

The CPW is making this a point of emphasis because during the last several years they have seen severe slowdowns on the day of the deadline. Likewise, the CPW says applying early will allow hunters to solve any issues that may arise during the application process. Hunters that wait until the deadline day may not be able to apply because of website overuse.

If you are not looking to hunt this year you can also purchase preference points through the big game application.

The big game application is the only way to hunt some species in Colorado. Some of the species included are:

  • Deer
  • Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
  • Mountain Goat
  • Moose

After the drawing process leftover permits will be available for purchase. These permits will be sold by phone, online, and by sales agents. You’ll want to try and get these leftover permits early, they will go quickly.

Hunter should also check out the Big Game Brochure before applying for hunts. The Brochure has a wealth of information from new changes to hunt numbers. Likewise, the Brochure covers hunting regulations for each species and area. You can download the Brochure by clicking here.

Remember the deadline for applications is April 5th at 8 P.M. MST.

You can learn more about hunting in Colorado by checking out the CPW’s website. Their website can be found by clicking here. Likewise, you can read more Colorado hunting news by clicking here.

So, do you plan on applying early for Colorado this year? Have you hunted in Colorado before? Let us know in the comments!

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