SOCIAL MEDIA POACHING CONFESSION IN TEXAS – Sharing hunt harvests on social media can be a lot of fun.  Most hunters that are on social media enjoy seeing the animals that have been taken, and there is a huge support system on social media for hunters.  However, posting about an animal taken illegally can be a quick way to get in trouble.

Local Deer Killed

Game wardens in Angelina County Texas were tipped off about a whitetail deer that was taken illegally after a teenager posted a picture of it on social media.  The teenager bragged about the deer that was taken with a bow.

Social Media Confession
Photo Credit: Angelina County Game Warden

The game warden’s received a report that a deer that had been frequently seen in a hayfield had been killed.  The game warden that patrols the area did some investigation and was able to see where the animal had been killed and drug off.  He later found the carcass of the deer, where he determined that the deer had been shot by a gun and then by a bow.  A second officer was called in and confirmed that the deer had been killed by a gun and then shot by a bow after it was dead.

“After a quick examination, the wardens agreed the deer had been shot with a rifle and then a bow,” the department said.

Social Media Confession

The game warden was able to establish significant evidence against the offender, which he showed to a family friend of the teenager.  The young man eventually confessed to illegally killing the deer that he posted on social media.  He will be facing criminal charges and civil restitution, which are still pending.

Do you post your harvests on social media like Facebook or Instagram?  Have you ever seen a picture posted that you thought could be a poaching incident?

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