Challenging Archery

As hunters, we’re always looking for folks who share our interests—someone who shoots the same bow or prefers the same kind of rifle. I’m no exception. When I pulled into the overflow parking lot at Seven Springs and saw a sea of trucks covered in outdoor branded stickers, I knew I was in good company.

Now, let’s talk about the Total Archery Challenge —the self-proclaimed “best 3D archery experience.” I, like many others, stumbled upon this event through social media. This lead me to do some research to make sure it was actually something worth doing. I soon became very excited and eagerly awaited the registration to open, much like waiting for the application period to start for a big game draw. Finally, the time came, and I sat at my computer, fingers poised, ready to secure my spot. After successfully registering, I spent my days slinging arrows around my property and tuning my bow to get ready for the event.


First, let’s discuss the registration process. Picture trying to snag tickets for a Taylor Swift concert online while you’re competing with thousands of other people. It may not be as pricey, but the demand is certainly there. The organizers wanted to ensure everyone had a fair chance to purchase passes, so they even conducted a mock registration to iron out any kinks. Kudos to them for their diligence. I personally had no complaints about the process—it went smoothly, and I managed to secure my preferred shooting times.

However, not everyone fared as well. I heard folks encountering technical difficulties, with some unable to access the registration page and others experiencing frustrating crashes. It’s a known fact that technology can be finicky at times. But here’s the silver lining: TAC graciously opens up the courses in the afternoon, eliminating the need for designated shooting times. This gave those who missed out on earlier slots the chance to shoot their desired course. And if you were quick on your feet and a tad fortunate, you might even squeeze in two courses in one afternoon.

Now, let’s delve into the on-course experience—an absolutely amazing layout.


To begin with, I must address a couple of minor gripes. As the day progressed, the courses tended to get a bit crowded. It’s an inevitable challenge, and I don’t claim to have the perfect solution. But every time I reached the water coolers, with the music blaring from the Turtlebox speaker, I knew I’d have to queue up behind fellow archers before taking my shots. However, let me be clear—I’m far from complaining. In fact, the physically demanding nature of the courses made those brief intermissions essential. It allowed me to catch my breath and engage in great conversations with some other shooters. Being a solo participant had its perks too, as I had the opportunity to join different groups along the way. Ah, the generous spirit of the archery community!

Overall Experience

Now, let’s turn our attention to the remarkable aspects of the experience. I cannot stress enough the efficiency of the course layouts and the awe-inspiring rugged terrain. Call me eccentric, but there’s something nice about subjecting yourself to a little bit of suck while walking around the slopes, slinging arrows. The sweltering heat and the challenging angles added an extra layer of intensity, making me feel like I truly earned that post-round meal. The combination of narrow shots and the ever-present risk of losing arrows with each target demanded unwavering focus. Among my personal favorites were the shots that required arrows flirting with obstacles on their flight. Mind you, such a test of skill presented itself in virtually every shot, and I relished the challenge. And when the course didn’t call for precise marksmanship through tight windows, it treated us to long-distance bombs, stretching out to a 119-yard moose and a few other 110+ yard pokes. Hats off to Total Archery Challenge for mixing things up and keeping you guessing once you pulled up every cone.


In my final analysis, I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone who enjoys shooting bows with a side of adversity and unforgiving terrain, give this event a shot. The extended courses averaged an impressive six miles of walking, so be sure you’re ready to burn some boot leather. If you’re up for the challenge, prepared to push your physical and mental limits, and eager to test your archery skills amidst the mountains, then the Total Archery Challenge is an absolute must. They truly are remarkable, and I’m already counting down the days until next year’s event.

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So, what are your thoughts on this Total Archery Challenge review? Do you plan on signing up for an event? Let us know in the comments!

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