NORTH DAKOTA RECORD RAM – Shooting a state record is a dream for most hunters.  Bighorn sheep hunting is also another dream for many hunters.  It’s a hunt that most people only get to do a couple of times in their life, if they’re lucky.  Imagine what it would be like to own a state record for sheep.  For a man in North Dakota, that dream is becoming a reality.

The “Mega Ram”

David Suda of North Dakota had spent many of weeks preparing for his bighorn sheep hunt.  During one of his scouting trips, he was able to identify an absolute giant ram.

“I was very lucky,” said Suda. “I’d go out for about four-day weekends and scout the weekends and then come home. Within a six-week timeframe, I was out there probably four or five days every week. I spent a lot of time out there before the season.”

“The ram was “substantially bigger than anything else we saw,” said Suda. “There wasn’t even anything in the same ballpark as him. When he would walk out, you could just tell — he was a stud.”

On opening morning, Suda was able to make it happen on this once-in-lifetime tag. He was able to harvest the seven year old ram that should break the current state record in North Dakota.

“While Suda’s ram is currently within the mandatory 60-day drying period, its green score is 190”, which surpasses the previous state record of 179”, according to Brett Wiedmann, a big game biologist with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.


“That’s a mega-ram there,” said Wiedmann. “That ram is nice anywhere in North America. It’s the real deal.”

“I knew about this ram, and I had no doubts he’d be the state record, but he was bigger than I thought,” said Wiedmann. “I had him in the low 180s, and we taped him out, and it netted almost 190. And of course, when we officially score him, sometimes they even get a little bigger.”

Congratulation to David Suda on this amazing ram!

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