Bigfoot believers better pack their camera and head to Georgia! There have been two sightings in a week according to the Facebook page “Expedition: Bigfoot”.

The first sighting took place the evening of May 20th by a man named Edward Lee. He claims he saw a tall, dark, and hairy creature with a pointed head that walked on two legs. He stopped and waited for the creature to re-emerge, but it never did.

Lee says he was afraid during the encounter. “I mean, I’m 51 and I’ve never seen one before,” Lee added. “I wasn’t getting out of the truck and I wasn’t going to go into the woods looking for it.”

When a person approached his vehicle asking what he was doing, he told them he thought he had just seen Bigfoot. The passerby simply responded with “I believe you”.


A second report came on May 27th in response to Lee’s claim. The second witness claims the Bigfoot was in a field with a trout. When he tried to get a better view, the creature walked back into the woods.

Most consider Bigfoot to be nothing more than a legend. Some believe it’s simply a case of misidentifying an animal. Some anthropologists believe Bigfoot exists though. They say the creature is the missing link between apes and man in evolution.

So, we’ll turn it over to you. Have you ever seen Bigfoot when you were out hunting?

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