The WYldlife Fund recently received a $25,000 check from the Muley Fanatic Foundation to assist in bringing the Dry Piney Wildlife Crossing to fruition. These donated funds will certainly help create safer roadways for both wildlife and people.

“The Dry Piney Project is only inches away from being completely funded. This project undoubtedly will make our roadways safer for our families and wildlife. We are proud to partner with the newly founded the WYldlife Fund to route these dollars to this much-needed project. This project will deliver instant roadway safety, positive wildlife results, and migration corridor protection.” – Chairman of the Upper Green River Chapter Mitch Kannier

Wildlife crossing projects have been ongoing initiatives throughout the state of Wyoming with the goal of ensuring the safety of motorists while protecting iconic wildlife migration routes. Moreover, wildlife crossing projects have provided countless underpasses and deer-proof fencing throughout the state resulting in significant reductions in crashes between deer/antelope and motorists – as high in some areas as 85 percent.

Vehicle Collisions and Wildlife

The majority of Wyoming ungulates migrate from higher elevations to lower winter grounds annually. These lower elevation winter grounds allow for easier accessible food and open water sources throughout the winter months. Animals remain in their winter grounds in most instances through the spring birthing seasons. However, the migrations to winter grounds put wildlife and people at risk when crossing roadways.

Past successful wildlife crossing initiatives include the La Barge Big Piney crossing project. The Trappers Point US 191 between Pinedale and Daniel, Wyoming. Nugget Canyon crossing at US 30 near Kemmerer, Wyoming. Togwotee Pass US 287 between Dubois and Moran, Wyoming. and Jackson South US 89/191 in Jackson, Wyoming. Likewise, The combined cost for previously listed wildlife crossing projects was close to $26 million.

In the past five years, 26,491 big game animals have been killed by motor vehicles in the state of Wyoming. In fact, 20% of all highway crashes in Wyoming involve animals. The Dry Piney area is ranked third out of 42 identified hot spots for motor vehicle/big game collisions around the state.

People and Wildlife Crossings

WYldlife Fund President, Mike Schmid expressed the fund’s commitment to supporting Wyoming wildlife and motorist safety when accepting the funds.

“Wildlife crossings are an effective way to make a direct and positive impact on Wyoming’s wildlife. Pairing underpasses and overpasses with high fencing can reduce wildlife collisions by 90%. The WYldlife Fund is a vehicle to route dollars to on the ground projects which will strengthen and advance our wildlife. We are proud to partner with the Muley Fanatic Foundation and stand ready to continue our mission of collaboration with other great organizations well into the future.” – WYldlife Fund President, Mike Schmid

The Muley Fanatic Foundation was also excited to be apart of this project.

“We are proud and humbled that our donors have made this gift possible. MFF takes stewardship of donor funds to the highest level and believe that this project will not only save wildlife but also keep our loved ones that much safer. We know that per big game collision in Wyoming there is an average of $11,600 in injury and property damage costs not to mention some that end with the loss of life. All efforts to alleviate these impacts are of the utmost priority.” – Muley Fanatic Foundation co-founder Joshua Coursey

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So, what are your thoughts on the Muley Fanatic Foundation donating funds to help with wildlife crossings? Have you helped build or set up wildlife crossings in your state? Let us know in the comments!

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