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HUNTING THE WEST IN WHEELCHAIRS – Overcoming disabilities is one of the hardest things a person can do.  Depending on the disability, a person can lose everything that he or she has known and loved, including hunting.

Clint Robinson, a disabled man for 32 years, decided to overcome his disability.  He wanted to again do those things that he loves, especially hunting.  Robinson was disabled after being thrown from a horse and breaking his neck.  An injury that has caused him to rely on a wheelchair for his mobility.  However, he didn’t let this stop him from his passion of hunting.

Robinson has now created a program to help others with similar disabilities get back outdoors with a gun in their hands.  The program is called “Wheelchairs in the Wild“.  They are a Utah-based company, where Robinson resides, and they guide pheasant hunts for disabled individuals.

“What we’re trying to do is get new injured, handicapped people back out into the field, trying to get them back out, enjoying the outdoors and wildlife that’s out there and show them that there’s other things that they can do besides sitting in the house doing nothing,” Robinson said.

The program not only helps disabled individuals to get into hunting, but it also helps those folks that had the passion prior to their injury get back into it.  They serve a wide range of people with disabilities.  In fact, last year they had a man in his 80s and a young 12-year-old girl.  The program is for everyone.  If they have a passion to be in the outdoors, Robinson is there to help them get going.

Disabilities can and may change a person’s life, but if possible, we shouldn’t allow them to keep us from the things we love.  We need to push forward in life.  We need to find ways to continue our passions.  If you’re an able-bodied individual, look for ways to help someone that has a disability.  If you can get them in the outdoors, help them harvest an animal of some kind, and create those memories, there will be no better feeling.

For more information on Robinson’s program, we encourage you to reach out to them on their Facebook page.

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