POSSIBLE BAITING REGULATIONS IN UTAH – Baiting big game in the state of Utah has become quite popular over the last several years.  Especially for archery hunters.  It is quite common for hunters to use an animal attractant such as a salt lick or other manufactured minerals during a hunt.  Hunters also use food sources such as apples and alfalfa to attract certain big game animals to areas where they have trail cameras or blinds set up.  But is this all coming to an end?

Several states that surround Utah have already prohibited the use of baiting for hunting.  For example, the state of Colorado doesn’t allow baiting at all.  Including bear hunting.  Other states limit baiting to certain animals or certain types of baits.  Utah, historically, has not had any restrictions on bating.  However, due to the threat of diseases and unnatural migrations, Utah is debating on whether to limit the use of baiting.  Brock McMillan, a DWR mule deer committee member, had this to say in regards to baiting.

“For starters, baiting congregates deer in unnatural ways, increasing the chances of spreading disease.”

In addition to the spread of disease and the disruption of migration, there’s also the concern of whether baiting is ethical.  Some individuals feel that baiting takes the challenge out of hunting.  Others feel that baiting actually increases the effort needed to harvest a big game animal.  Hunters and non-hunters alike have weighed in on the debate.

A survey was performed earlier in the year for those who received big game licenses for Utah in 2018.  The survey inquired on whether baiting should be banned in Utah or not.  According to the DWR, 43% of the hunters voted to make baiting illegal.  35% felt it should stay legal.  22% didn’t have an opinion either way.  These statistics will have a large impact on the boards decision as this question is expected to come up for next year’s hunts.

As hunters, baiting can be extremely advantageous.  Are you for or against baiting big game animals?

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