COLORADO WOLVES SHOT IN WYOMING – Wolves in Colorado continues to be a hot topic issue.  As we get closer to the introduction of wolves in Colorado, more stories seem to be popping up.  The latest story is one in favor of most hunters.

Colorado Wolves Killed in Wyoming

Recently three wolves were killed in Wyoming, which may be from the North Park Pack.  These wolves live near the Colorado-Wyoming border and cross the border frequently.  The wolves were killed in Wyoming, where it is legal to hunt wolves.

Travis Duncan, spokesperson for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, said in an email that the agency cannot yet confirm whether the slain wolves were in the North Park pack but will continue to monitor the animals “if and when they are next seen in the area.”

The North Park pack seems to be growing, which is evident by more frequent sightings of the animals.  Killing three wolves won’t make a huge impact on the impact of the wolves, especially once Colorado introduces the new packs in 2023, but it still feels like a win for hunters.

Hunting Wolves

It is still illegal to hunt wolves in Colorado.  Had these wolves been killed on the Colorado side of the border, the fine could have been upwards of $100,000.  However, hunters will continue to hunt the border to hopefully lower the number of wolves that come into Wyoming.

Many residents of Colorado, now that legislature approved the wolf introduction, are asking about when they can hunt wolves in the state.  The CPW continues to message that it will be many years before hunters can hunt wolves in the state.  And many hunters fear the impact wolves will make before they’re allowed to hunt them.


Colorado residents, are you seeing wolves in your area?  What impact are they having in your area?

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