The Colorado big game application period is now open. The application period will run from March 1st – April 6th. Hunters wanting to apply in Colorado must first purchase a valid qualifying license. After hunters have a valid license then they may apply for their desired big game draw.

Hunters should also check out the “What’s New” section of the 2021 Big Game Brochure. This section will fill hunters into new laws and items that have been implemented by the CPW. One of these new items is as follows. Big Game licenses now available for purchase even after the start of the season. In the past, after the start of a season, available big-game licenses could only be purchased at a CPW office or park. Now hunters can purchase available big-game licenses after the season starts at CPW locations,
online, by phone, and through sales agents around the state.

“It’s very important all hunters read the 2021 Colorado Big Game brochure, which is available at all CPW office locations and online. We’re encouraging all hunters to check their online accounts to ensure their contact information is current and credit card information is up-to-date. Then check your account after the draw to see the draw results, your preference point levels, and the status of your payments.” – CPW Public Information Officer Travis Duncan.

Hunters can read about the other new items by checking out the Brochure by clicking here. Likewise, hunters can find season dates, current hunting laws, and quality information in the Brochure.

Do you plan on applying to hunt in Colorado? Or do you plan on applying in another state? Let us know in the comments below! Multiple Ehuntr staff members are planning on applying. Let us know in the comments below!


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