Several states currently have their super hunt application periods open. Super hunts are used by many states to generate extra revenue for their wildlife fund. During the application process, applicants can purchase tickets for one species or they can apply for a combo hunt to chase several species. Super hunts are a dream hunt for many hunters. Typically super hunts allow hunters to have much longer seasons than average. Likewise, they let the hunters hunt some of the best areas in each state. The draw odds are incredibly high, but it is like winning the hunting lottery. Below we will discuss super hunts that are open in a few states.

Wyoming’s Super Hunt

Currently, Wyoming offers super hunts for single species or you can apply for their Trifecta. Single species tickets cost $10 per ticket. The Trifecta ticket allows hunters to pick any three of the ten species, it costs $30 per ticket. Likewise, super hunt winners retain their preference points and once-in-a-lifetime availability. This means hunters get a dream hunt and still have the chance at hunting these animals again in the future through the regular draw. Wyoming also sweetens the deal for hunters applying for the super hunt. For every 5 regular super hunt tickets or for every 2 Trifecta tickets you will be entered into the Ultimate Gear Package. This package includes items from brands like First Lite, Maven, Swarovski Optik, Gunwerks, and many others.

Idaho’s Super Hunt

Idaho’s super hunt is available for four big game species. Mule Deer, Elk, Pronghorn, and Moose all have a super hunt. Single species tickets cost $6 dollars. Likewise, hunters can buy the combo ticket that costs $20. If you win the combo hunt you will be able to hunt all four species. The application period will close on May 31st. Winners will be notified by June 10th that they have won.

South Dakota’s Super Hunt

South Dakota offers two different packages for its super hunt. The first package is for a combo hunt, this package allows hunters to hunt a deer, an elk, and a pronghorn. The second package is for a bull bison hunt in Custer State Park. tickets for these tags are available to residents and nonresidents, but there is a difference in cost. Residents will pay $10 per ticket and nonresidents will pay $20 per ticket. The application period will end on July 19 so you have plenty of time to get your tickets bought.

So, What are your thoughts on these states’ super hunts? Do you plan on buying tickets? Let us know in the comments!


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