CANADA TO OPEN BORDER TO HUNTERS – Across the world, travel restrictions have been in place due to COVID.  Travel restrictions have limited hunter’s ability to travel to desired destinations to hunt, including Canada.  Hunters have had a hard time with these restrictions since Canada resides on the same continent as the U.S.  However, recent news releases are giving hope to hunters in the coming days.

Opening The Border

The United States has been criticizing Canada for some time now regarding their travel restrictions.  The U.S. feels that travelers, if fully vaccinated, should be able to cross the border for nonessential travel.  However, Canada has been restricting travel to essential travel only.

Beginning August 9th, travelers that have received a Canada approved vaccine will finally be able to travel for nonessential purposes.  Travelers must also have no present symptoms of COVID, and they must have a negative coronavirus molecular test taken within 72 hours.

Good News for Hunters

Hunters across the United States are excited about this announcement.  Many hunters have had plans for years to hunt in Canada this year, and with this news, that dream may actually come true.

As travel restrictions begin to lift in areas like Canada, hunters can also hope that restrictions will lift in other areas as well.  Similar to Canada, each country will have its own requirements, but that is a small price to pay to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime hunt.

It May Not Be All Good News

Although the news of Canada opening its borders to nonessential travel is great news, hunters may still need to be cautious.  Reports of the delta variant have swept the nation and the world, which could change the travel restrictions quickly.  Hunters and travelers of all kinds will need to stay in tune with the ever-changing developments that come with COVID.  Be sure to visit for all your up-to-date hunting news.

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