A homicide investigation is underway regarding the killing of two indigenous hunters. Jake Sansom and Morris Cardinal were on their way back home after legally harvesting a moose to feed their families. The two men were part of the M├ętis ethnicity, which has roots in both indigenous and European heritage.

Preliminary Details

On March 28th, Sansom and Cardinal were found dead next to Sansom’s truck. Cause of death: gunshot. They were traveling down a country road approximately 160 miles northeast of Edmonton when they were apparently ambushed. Police said that neither individual was robbed, as all of their belongings were still at the scene. Officials are asking the nearby community for any information pertaining to this incident.

The Victims

Sansom and Cardinal were known as selfless individuals. They both come from loving families and exhibited deep respect of giving back to their community, near Alberta. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Sansom was recently laid off from his mechanic job. In keeping with his indigenous roots, and in order to help put food on the table, he was granted permission to hunt a moose out of season. Cardinal went along to assist with bringing the meat back home.

Both authorities and family members are having a rough time in figuring out how such a tragedy could occur. Given the character of both men, of always putting others first, there remains no explanation of how this incident was not one of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There has yet to be an arrest in this case. Authorities are actively pursuing any and every lead. The hardest piece of the puzzle, of course, is figuring out the possible motive of the attackers. The details suggest this was nothing short of cold-blooded killing. Authorities and locals are seeking justice.

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