UTDWR BIG GAME APPLICATIONS DUE MAR. 4 – The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is accepting applications for 2021 hunts. The deadline to submit UTDWR big game applications is 11 p.m. Thursday, Mar. 4, 2021.

The Utah DWR is also presently seeking volunteer wildlife board members.

UTDWR Big Game App Details

To be included in the drawing for the hunts, you can apply for UTDWR big game tags on the website or over the phone by calling the nearest DWR regional office. The results of the drawing will be released no later than May 31. Applicants will be notified by email, on the DWR website or by calling 1-800-221-0659.

Applications for a point must be received no later than 11 pm on March 18. Applicants must have a valid hunting license or a combination license to apply for a bonus/preference point, or a big game hunting permit.

Available Species

Applications can be submitted for mule deer, elk, bighorn sheep, bison, moose, mountain goat and pronghorn antelope. In addition, for a chance to hunt all three general-season deer hunts, you should consider applying for the Dedicated Hunter Program.

“In addition to applying for the hunts, if you’d like a chance to hunt all three general-season deer hunts, you should consider applying for the Dedicated Hunter Program. You can learn more about the program, and how to join it, on the DWR website.”
– Mark Hadley, DWR spokesman

Utah Hunt Planner

For hunters considering hunting in a new area or going after a different species and have a, the Utah Hunt Planner – an interactive, online map – can answer many questions.

“The Hunt Planner provides in-depth, hunter-focused information about all of Utah’s hunts. Use it when you’re researching hunts you want to apply for or use it after you draw a permit for a particular hunt.”
– Mark Hadley

Hunters can learn productive spots to find specific animals, learn what the terrain is like in an area, if there’s a lot of public land in the unit and where the best access points are located.

“DWR biologists keep the Hunt Planner up to date with the details hunters care about. If you’re not planning to hunt in 2021, you can still apply for a bonus point or a preference point. Earning a point increases the chance you’ll draw a permit the next time you apply.”
– Mark Hadley

More Info

For more information about applying for a 2021 Utah big game hunting permit, see the 2021 Utah Big Game Application Guidebook. Additionally, applicants can call 1-800-221-0659 or contact the nearest DWR office.

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