UTAH PROPOSES NEW MULE DEER MANAGEMENT PLAN – The Utah DWR is proposing a new mule deer management plan.  This plan will replace the current plan that will expire at the end of this year.  It is a 5-year plan that was established in 2014.  The new proposed plan will be a 7-year statewide plan, and it has some interesting new changes.

UPDATE (1/30/2020) Recently we had the chance to talk with Covy Jones and Mike Wardle.  Covy Jones is the Big Game Coordinator for the Utah DWR, and Mike Wardle is a wildlife biologist for the DWR.  In this episode, we talk about the new mule deer management plan, and we talk extensively about the new HAMS hunts in Utah.

Proposed Changes

  1. The DWR will look to create more hunting opportunities by identifying areas for more extended archery seasons.
  2. Objectives and deer populations change from year to year.  The new plan would allow biologists to observe these changes and make management changes annually.  This could result in tag numbers changing annually as well.
  3. Through observing herd health and range conditions, biologists will be allowed to set attainable population objectives.
  4. Buck to do ratios are projected to remain the same under the new plan.  25-35 bucks for every 100 does in limited entry units.  15-20 bucks for every 100 does, depending on the general unit.

Utah is becoming one of the most popular states to hunt big game, especially mule deer.  As interest continues to climb, management strategies must change.  The DWR big game coordinator, Covy Jones had this to say regarding mule deer hunting in Utah:

“Mule deer are the most popular species to hunt in Utah. This entire management plan was developed using extensive research and was designed to maintain healthy deer populations throughout Utah and to provide expanded opportunities for hunting and wildlife viewing across the state.  We truly value wildlife and want Utahns to have input on how they are managed, as well.”

As Mr. Jones stated, the DWR is looking for input on how to manage mule deer going forward.  This proposed plan will go to a vote on December 5, 2019.  Officials are encouraging the public to voice their opinions regarding the new plan.  This can be done by calling a local field office, attending a local RAC meeting, or by visiting the DWR website.

Utah has a new proposed plan for managing mule deer. There are some significant changes. What would you guys like to see change?https://www.ehuntr.com/utah-proposes-new-mule-deer-management-plan/

Posted by ehuntr.com on Friday, November 15, 2019

What are your thoughts on the new plan?  What changes would you recommend?

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