The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has been capturing and testing the Upper GreenĀ  River bighorn herd.

The bighorn sheep populations in the West have been facing numerous challenges, with pneumonia being a significant contributor to their decline. In an effort to assess the body condition and overall performance of the bighorn sheep in the Upper Green River drainage, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department recently teamed up with the University of Wyoming’s Monteith Shop for a study. The findings were surprising and provided valuable information for the management of the Upper Green River herd.

Three Herds Studied

The study focused on three bighorn sheep herds in Wyoming, including the Upper Shoshone herd, the Whiskey Mountain herd, and the Jackson herd. The Whiskey Mountain herd, once one of the largest populations of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, has been declining since the 1990s due to pneumonia. The researchers discovered that the sheep in the Upper Green River herd was vastly different from their counterparts on the Dubois side of the Divide.

While the sheep on the Dubois side experienced seasonal movements and had poor summer forage, leading to low body condition and poor lamb survival, the sheep in the Upper Green River herd remained at high elevations year-round and had better summer forage, resulting in fatter sheep and better lamb survival. The lambs captured in the Upper Green this winter had an impressive 11 percent fat.

This research provides valuable insights for game and fish managers, who now have a better understanding of the Upper Green River herd of bighorns. This information will inform future management decisions and ensure the success and survival of this herd for years to come.

In summary, the study of the Upper Green River herd of bighorns has uncovered surprising findings and provided valuable information for their management. The results of this research will help game and fish managers make informed decisions for the betterment of this herd and secure its future success.

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