The Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is seeking public input on its pronghorn plans.  The plans are for the management of 11 pronghorn herds across the Southeast Region. Likewise, the CPW is looking to balance the biological needs of the herds and their habitats. They will also gauge public demand for wildlife recreational opportunities through the proposed management plans, which are now open to public input and review until February 20th.

The 11 herds in question include PH-5 Haswell, PH-6 Hugo, PH-7 Thatcher, PH-8 Yoder, PH-12 Cheyenne, PH-13 Tobe, PH-18 Two Buttes, PH-19 Last Chance, PH-20 Wet Mountain, PH-31 Fort Carson, and PH-39 Collegiate. The management plans will determine the ideal population and sex ratio for each herd, impacting the necessary harvest numbers and hunting seasons.

The Role Of Management Plans

The CPW is inviting public input on their proposals for new management objectives for the herds of Hugo, Thatcher, Yoder, Last Chance, Wet Mountain, and Fort Carson, whose objectives are over 6 years old. There are also proposed adjustments to the recently approved management objectives. These are for Two Buttes and extensions to the recently approved objectives for herds Haswell, Cheyenne, Tobe, and Collegiate. No changes are being proposed for the five HMPs that were approved in recent years.

The importance of the management plans lies in their role as the basis for CPW’s decisions on license sales. Hunter harvest is relied upon by CPW to manage pronghorn populations. Likewise, Hunting helps them meet the set population and sex ratio objectives. The public will play a crucial role in these decisions.

The public is encouraged to provide input by submitting comments to Julie Stiver, CPW’s senior wildlife biologist for the Southeast Region, through email ( or by mail to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Attn. Julie Stiver, 4255 Sinton Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80907. The 11 pronghorn HMPs are open to public input until February 20th.

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