The application period for the second controlled hunt draw will run from Aug. 5-15. Permits included in the second draw are permits that were not applied for during the first draw. Likewise, some of the permits are available due to being applied for in the first draw but not purchased by the August 1st deadline.

A complete list of the available permits will be listed after August 1st. You can find this list by checking out the Idaho Fish and Game’s Controlled Hunt Information webpage, you can find that webpage by clicking here. There will also be 50 swan permits available during the draw. Swan permits were changed to controlled hunts this summer by the wildlife Commission.

Likewise, the Fish and Game have extended the sage grouse season. On top of the extended season, they also changed the way in which you can get a sage grouse permit. The old system required a special validation on hunting licenses for sage grouse and sharptail grouse that only cost a $1.50 processing fee. However, under the new system hunters will have to purchase a sage grouse permit outright for $22.75.

There will be 1,900 sage grouse permits available for purchase this year. This number represents roughly 10% of the state’s sage grouse population. Each hunting zone will have different tag numbers set based on sage grouse counts. Sage grouse hunting will take place in 12 zones throughout the state. The Idaho Fish and Game has stated that the new tag system will result in far less sage grouse being harvested despite the longer season.

“In the past we’ve always had sage grouse zones but we weren’t able to limit the number of people who participated in sage grouse hunting.” –  Zach Lockyer, Regional Wildlife Manager

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