Last year we wrote several articles about the Grand Teton National Park and its gunning of mountain goats. Last year, in an effort to remove the goats from the park, the NPS approved aerial gunning and volunteers to shoot them from the ground. These decisions created quite the response from hunters, residents, and even the Wyoming Governor. Below we will link some of the articles we have covered on this ongoing story.

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Renewed Gunning at GTNP

The NPS will again allow already selected volunteers and gunners to start killing mountain goats in Sept. As stated in the above articles this move comes from the desire to protect the small herd of native bighorn sheep that live in the park. The culling will run until Oct. 25, the NPS expects the culling to be exceedingly more difficult. Subsequently, as the population of goats gets smaller and the pressure of being chased increases it may be difficult to find goats in their rocky habitat. The NPS estimates there are roughly 50-60 goats remaining in the park that will need to be removed.

Visitors to the park should expect to see volunteers heading to the rough, rocky cliffs within the park to participate in the culling this fall. As a result of the rough country and having many willing volunteers from last year no new applicants will be accepted for the gunning.

The GTNP has been steadfast in reporting that this is not a hunt. Participants in the gunning can not keep any of the “trophy parts”. However, they will be able to harvest the meat if the animals are retrievable. Likewise, the NPS has been sure to state that none of the gunning is being done under fair chase. It also states that these operations are being done purely for the conservation of the bighorn sheep and no revenue is being made.

You can read more about the renewed culling by clicking here.

So, what are your thoughts on the continued gunning of these mountain goats? Are you one of the volunteers taking part in the culling? Let us know in the comments!

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