Turkey hunters in Pennsylvania will no longer be required to wear fluorescent orange when in the field this year. The requirement for 250 square inches of the bright orange turkey repellent has been in place since 1992. The laws changed back in April 2019 and allow archers and turkey hunters to not wear fluorescent orange while hunting.

One other change to this year’s turkey season is the length of the season. Pennsylvania’s turkey season will now end the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving at a half-hour past sunset. Turkey season always went until the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The PA Game Commission has changed the end date of turkey season to open firearm deer season on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

The new laws seem helpful for hunting turkey. Wild turkey have daytime vision that is three times better than human eyesight and can also see 270 degrees of space with their vision. The bright orange “camouflage” doesn’t really help hunters to take more birds, it really inhibits them.

Maybe more hunters will participate in this year’s hunt since they can hide from the birds better. Last year there were 100,000 fewer PA hunters than there were in 2014 which reflects overall hunter numbers around the country. More hunters will likely be welcome in the field regardless.

The dangerous part about the lack of orange being worn this year is the potential for more hunting accidents. Just remember what your mom always says when you leave: be safe out there! Guns can kill people when shooters get careless. Just because the trophy Tom walks up doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know where other hunters are sitting. Take the bird, but make sure everyone is safe. Good luck this season!

Watch out for your hunting party this year! With no orange on it will be more difficult to see them. And remember, you can go to jail for shooting your hunting party. See our other article on how a Georgia teen was shot and killed by his hunting party and the shooter is facing charges: https://www.ehuntr.com/georgia-hunting-death/https://www.ehuntr.com/georgia-hunting-death/

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