OKAYEST HUNTER – In today’s world, and especially in the hunting world, social media impacts our every day lives.  There are many different kinds of hunting social media pages.  Many show amazing pictures of hunting adventures, others share the stories of the hunt, and some provide tools that help us become better hunters.  Over the past several years, it seems that there has become a competitive aspect to hunting social media pages.  We’re always looking at who is posting the biggest animal, or who has gone on the most extravagant hunt.

However, despite the ever-growing competition that is social media, there is one channel that is bringing the industry back down to earth.  A channel that is focusing on why we really participate in hunting.  The company’s name is The Okayest Hunter.

About the Brand

The Okayest Hunter is a company that was created in 2020 as an apparel and social media company.  The initial intentions were to “poke fun” at the average hunter.  However, as the company began to get traction, the company’s founder Eric Clark began to notice that the brand identified with many hunters across the United States.

Most hunters don’t go on amazing hunting trips every year.  Most rarely harvest animals that would be featured in a magazine.  For the majority of hunters across the country, they just enjoy getting out with friends and family.

Clark says the brand launched in June of 2020 as an apparel brand and social media channel aimed at poking fun at average hunters while raising money for nature conservation. After only a few months, the jokes and memes identified with hunters from around the United States. “Hunting is all about having fun and making memories with your family and friends. Okayest Hunter reflects the culture in so many ways, and we’re seeing people really identify with the brand.”

Goals of the Brand

The goal of The Okayest Hunter is to bring hunters together.  Whether you’re a lifetime hunter that has a room full of trophies, or are planning your first hunt this year, The Okayest Hunter hopes to bring everyone together.

Though a growing outdoor brand is great for Clark, it’s not the reason he set out to create the community. “I do this because I’m an OK hunter, and we want all hunters, wherever they are at on their hunting journey, to feel welcomed to the lifestyle.”

The Wisconsin brand has grown significantly over the 2021 year; however, like most companies, COVID has limited some of their plans.  In 2022, The Okayest Hunter has many events planned, including their own 3D archery shoot.  Be sure to subscribe to their email list and check their website frequently for updates and events.

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