INCREASED BEAR ACTIVITY IN COLORADO – Most bear seasons have come and gone, including the Colorado bear hunts.  Hunters across the state are working with the CPW to help manage the bear numbers across the state.  However, sightings in the state, especially in the Denver area continue to increase.

Bear Sightings

The map below shows the bear sightings in the Denver metro area since September 1st.

“Bears can show up in unusual locations, and generate lots of calls to our offices, at any time of year but especially in the fall as untapped food sources become more appealing,” said CPW Northeast Region Manager Mark Leslie. “We evaluate every call based on the location and behavior of a bear and will relocate or remove bears when appropriate and feasible.

The CPW had to relocate a bear on Friday October 8th.  The department is familiar with relocating bears this time of the year, as they have had to do it several times.

“When we move one, there are very few places on the Front Range of Colorado that will not put them in contact with humans or the potential for conflict.”

Bear Q&A

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife provided a Q&A session to help individuals if they come in contact with a bear.  The answers to the questions are very helpful, especially for homeowners in the area.  As hunters, the CPW encourages us to be mindful of bears in the area.

Most hunters are familiar with how to handle bears in the wild.  It’s a good idea to always be prepared in case of an incident.  Bear spray and a firearm can be used if necessary, but there are many other techniques to scare a bear away before the situation gets out of hand.

Do you have bears where you live?  How have you handle encounters with bears while hunting?

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