NEW HUNTS APPROVED IN UTAH – Utah is hard at work trying to improve big game hunting opportunities across the state.  Or so it seems.  As part of the proposed and approved new big game hunting plan, Utah has introduced several new hunts.

Doe and Cow Hunts

The state of Utah has seen a decline in several of its winter ranges.  Utah biologists believe that this is in part to an over population of deer and elk.  To help control the population, the DWR has introduced several new doe and cow hunts.  Five new doe deer hunts, eighteen new cow elk hunts, and eight new doe pronghorn hunts have been approved.  Another goal of these hunts is to reduce deer depredation on private land.


A new hunt that will interest many hunters is the HAMS hunt.  HAMS stands for handgun, archery, muzzleloader, and shotgun.  These hunts will be late season hunts, and will require the use of the stated equipment.  Although a late season, multi-weapon hunt sounds like a home run, there is a large stipulation applicable to the equipment.  Hunters will not be able to use optics on these weapons.  No scope on the handgun, shotgun, and even muzzleloader.  In the general season muzzleloader hunt and the limited entry muzzleloader hunt, scopes are approved.  But for the HAMS hunt, no scopes will be allowed.

One of the goals of this hunt is to bring a “primitive” style back to hunting.  Covy Jones, the big game coordinator of Utah stated the following:

“There has been an interest from local hunters to have hunts using less technology,” Jones said.

Another item to note with these hunts is that hunter orange will not be required to be worn.

Many hunters in the west are looking for more opportunities.  Utah is doing its best to provide that opportunity, while managing the animal herds correctly.

Do you like Utah’s plans to create opportunity?  Would you apply for the HAMS hunts?

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