On Jan. 11th, the CPW received a call about a bull elk that had become entangled in some yellow rope in Golden Colorado. The rope along with a few pieces of wood was seen dangling from the bull’s antlers.

As a result of the call, CPW officials responded to the area. After searching the area CWP officials found that the bull had moved into a thicket of trees. Once in the tree the rope around the bull’s antlers became further entangled in the trees making so the bull was stuck.

“Thanks to the local resident who reported this immediately, we were able to have a quick response and freed the elk without it sustaining any serious injury.” –  Area Wildlife Manager Matt Martinez

Helping the Entangled Elk

Once the bull was found the CPW and the Golden Police Department’s Animal Management unit came up with a plan. They approached the bull and were able to tranquilize him. Once the bull was put under officials began removing the rope from him, the trees, and the wood pieces. Likewise, officials inspected the bull for any injuries while it was sedated.

“Land managers rope off areas to try to prevent elk from damaging them. It is an aspect of the landscape and shows the intersection of humans and wildlife in our urban interface. Land managers have every right to protect their property and the ones in Golden do as good of a job as they can to mitigate conflicts like these. We appreciate their efforts, but these things still can and do happen.” – Area Wildlife Manager Matt Martinez

After removing the rope the bull was given a reversal agent to wake it up. Once awake and upright the bull moved off free of harm.

You can read the CPW release about this by clicking here. Likewise, you can check out our Colorado hunting news page by clicking here.

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