Earlier this month the Utah Wildlife Board voted to ban trail cameras for half the year. Likewise, the Board also banned the use of night vision devices for big game hunting. Below we will discuss this ban as well as other items that were changed by the board.

Firstly, this change will prohibit using any night-vision device to locate or attempt to locate a big game animal. This new rule will go into effect 48 hours before any big game hunt opens in an area and will remain in place until 48 hours after any big game hunt ends. Utah defines a night vision device as anything that enhances visible and non-visible light and includes the use of night-vision devices, thermal imaging devices, infrared-imaged devices, and other electronic devices that enhance the visible and non-visible light spectrum. These devices have gained popularity in recent years. As a result, these devices have found their way into hunting applications.

Other Hunting Changes

Below we will list some of the other hunting changes that came from the Wildlife Board meeting.

  • The Wildlife Board passed a clarifying rule that the handgun-archery-muzzleloader-shotgun permits are not valid on extended archery hunts.
  • Archery elk hunters will not have to wear hunter orange during the general season any bull archery hunt that overlaps with the general season any bull youth hunt. However, rifle youth elk hunters are still required to wear hunter orange.
  • Another pressing topic that came from the Wildlife Board meeting was redefining what a muzzleloader is. At this time only muzzleloaders that have both the powder and bullet loaded from the muzzle can be used in Utah’s muzzleloader seasons.

There was some confusion initially that the state was also going to ban optics of any type on a muzzleloader. However, the Wildlife board decided to put that discussion and vote on the agenda for the next Board meeting.

The meeting also covered several other rules and issues about hunting in Utah.

You can find more information regarding this meeting by clicking here. You can also check out more Utah hunting news by checking out our Utah news page by clicking here.

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