Land Tawney Will be Leaving Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

Land Tawney, the charismatic and visionary leader of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers (BHA), has announced his departure. As the face and heartbeat of BHA, Tawney played a vital role in growing and making the organization what it is today. The shift will take effect at the end of July.

Ted Koch, the chair of the North American BHA board of directors, expressed his admiration for Tawney’s leadership and vision. He looks forward to BHA’s continued growth in the hunting and fishing conservation community under Tawney’s guidance.

Tawney himself credits the people within BHA for the organization’s success. He praised the dedication of individual volunteers who generously contribute their time, talent, and resources to conservation efforts. Together, they have accomplished great things in the conservation arena. During Tawney’s tenure, he has grown BHA from a small, volunteer-based western organization to the pinnacle of North American conservation organizations.

As Tawney embarks on a new chapter, he remains committed to advocating for the protection of wildlife and wilderness areas. He cherishes the memories and experiences he had at BHA and hopes to meet fellow conservationists on the trail or by the water in the future.

Who Will Be Taking Over?

During this transition period, the North American BHA board of directors will search for Tawney’s replacement. In the meantime, John Gale, the vice-president of policy and government relations, and Frankie McBurney Olson, the vice-president of operations, will serve as interim co-CEOs, guiding the organization.

Tawney’s departure leaves a significant void in BHA, and his legacy as an inspirational leader will undoubtedly endure. As hunters and conservationists, it’s crucial for us to pay attention to the changes within organizations like BHA that work tirelessly to protect our wild lands and wildlife.

BHA’s Purpose

BHA has been a powerful advocate for public lands, wildlife conservation, and ethical hunting practices. Under Tawney’s leadership, the organization grew in influence and impact, making a real difference in preserving natural habitats.

As hunters, we should care about this development because it affects the future direction of BHA and its role in safeguarding the outdoors we cherish. Tawney’s passion for the environment and his dedication to the cause set the tone for BHA’s work, and finding a leader who can continue this legacy is crucial.

While we await the appointment of a new CEO, let’s reflect on the positive contributions BHA has made to the hunting and fishing community. Their advocacy ensures that our wild places remain pristine, providing future generations with opportunities to connect with nature.

It’s time for us, as avid hunters and conservation enthusiasts, to rally behind BHA during this transition. The organization needs our support and involvement to carry on its mission effectively.

In Land Tawney’s own words, “Onward and upward.” Let’s embrace this sentiment and stand together to protect the wild things and wild places that depend on our voices. With passionate leaders and dedicated individuals, we can make a lasting impact on the preservation of North America’s natural treasures.

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