The Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) has proposed updated regulations for four chapters of the hunting regulations. Public comments are open through 5:00 PM on July 31st, 2022 in the following areas.

  • Chapter 28, Regulation Governing Big or Trophy Game Animal or Game Bird or Gray Wolf Damage Claims
    • This chapter defines damage to livestock such as cattle, calves, sheep, lambs and bees, and hives.
    • One interesting clarification in this section regarding hunters is that in order for claimants to receive compensation for damages hunting for the species causing the damage must be allowed on their land. The claimant shall allow hunting access to a sufficient number of hunters during authorized hunting seasons. The WGFD determines if an adequate number of hunters were allowed hunting access.
  • Chapter 34, Depredation Prevention Hunting Seasons
    • The name change proposed will change from depredation prevention to auxiliary management.
    • These tags do not take away preference points and do not go against the annual bag limits.
  • Chapter 35, Hunting Permit Regulations for Persons with Disabilities
    • They want to incorporate some definitions for the term “Disabled Hunter” and “Handicapped Hunter” for simplicity.
    • Give the Commission the ability to provide season extensions, issue companion permits, and exempt disabled hunters from provisions of subsection 23-3-306.
  • Chapter 62, Regulation for Aquatic Invasive Species
    • So, this allows the Commission more power to try and prevent, control, contain or eradicate aquatic invasive species.
    • This also allows the Commission the ability to establish, operate and maintain check stations for inspection of aquatic invasive species.

Public comment meetings will be held throughout June and July. Time and locations are found here. To view, a list of all the proposals click here. Likewise, you can read more Wyoming hunting news by clicking here.

So, what are your thoughts on Wyoming seeking public comments? Do you plan on sending in a comment? Let us know in the comments!

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