PURCHASE IDAHO RETURNED TAGS – Purchasing returned tags gives hunters more opportunity to be in the field.  Most states allow the purchase of returned tags, and Idaho is no different.  However, Idaho is a great state to hunt in, and it provides opportunities to hunt many species.

Purchasing Returned Tags

The initial sale of returned tags has already concluded.  That sale took place on September 16th.  During the sale, the Idaho Fish and Game sold both big game and sage grouse tags.  The tags sold out within a couple of days, so hunters must act quick if they want a tag.  The next opportunity for hunters to buy returned tags will take place on October 7th.

Tags can be purchased on a first-come, first served basis at Fish and Game offices during normal business hours, at license vendors, online at GoOutdoorsIdaho.com, or by calling (800) 554-8685.  A list of available tags is available on the Nonresident License and Tag webpage.

Can Non-Residents Purchase Tags

One of the biggest questions that the Idaho Fish and Game receive is whether or not non-residents can purchase returned tags.  The simple answer is yes, they can.  However, there are some specific requirements and restrictions.

If a nonresident does not have a deer or elk tag, then the nonresident may be able to purchase a first tag and possibly a second tag during this sale. The current nonresident limits for uncapped elk zones and all deer units still apply to returned tags purchased by nonresidents. Adult nonresident fees are $351.75 for deer tags and $651.75 for elk tags.

Residents are also able to purchase tags from the non-resident quota as a second tag.  If they qualify for the price lock discount, residents can get the tags at a discounted price.  Otherwise, they will be required to pay the non-resident fees for the tags.

Have you purchased returned tags in Idaho?

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