In just a short time, legislators have passed several new hunting regulations during the spring of 2021 session. Below we will list some of the notable wildlife-related bills and how they will affect hunters.

HB0122 – Hunting and Fishing Access

First and foremost this bill will increase the cost of the conservation stamp from $12.50 to $21.50. The majority of this increase will go towards funding access easements and to help increase access in tough to access areas. This change will go into place on  July 1, 2021.

HB0101 – Elk Feedground Requirements

This bill will change the langue regarding feeding ground closures. With this new bill, the Game and Fish department or commission will need an order from the Wyoming governor before they close any feedground controlled by the state. This bill is effective immediately.

HB0115 – Minimum Age for Big Game

This bill will lower the minimum age for hunters wanting to apply for big game applications. Youth hunters will now be able to hold a big game license at 11 years old, as long as they turn 12 by the time of the end calendar year. Similar to HB0122, this bill will go into effect on July 1, 2021.

HB0095 – Game Animal Roadkill

Under this bill will allow the Game and Fish Commission to create a program for people to gather game roadkill. It will require people to take the entire carcass of the animal. This bill will take effect on July 1, 2021. However, the safety guides, rules, and permitting will be discussed by the Game & Fish commission Officials expect to have all the details hammered out by the spring of 2022.

HB0066 – Large Funding Projects

The Large Project Funding bill will approve the funding for large wildlife and habitat projects for 2021. The funds for these projects will come from the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust Fund and other partners along with the Game and Fish. Some of these projects will include wildlife crossing projects near Dry Piney on Highway 189, as well as on I-25 between Kaycee to Buffalo.

Every year new regulations and rules seem to find their way to the state’s wildlife proclamation and every year ehuntr tries our best to keep you all up to date. We hope you found this update helpful.

What are your thoughts on these new regulations? Do you plan on hunting in Wyoming this year? Let us know in the comments!


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