MAN MISTAKES COYOTE FOR A DOG- Eli Boroditsky of Manitoba, Canada, drove to work at approximately 9:30 p.m. on November 27th when all of a sudden, an animal ran across the road and into his path.  Eli was not able to swerve or stop due to the suddenness of the situation.  However, he stopped his vehicle to go check on the fury creature unconscious on the side of the road.  He concluded that he hit a dog, and proceeded to pick it up and place it in the back of his vehicle.

Once Eli arrived to work, he called upon one of his coworkers to assess the situation.  It was not long until the coworker told Eli that he did not hit a “pet” dog.  It was in fact, a female coyote.  Reported by NNY 360, Eli said, ““I thought it was a German shepherd or a husky, I didn’t think it was a wild animal.”

Having learned the true nature of the incident, Eli called the local conservation department.  When officers arrived, they were successful in luring the coyote into a dog carrier and transporting it to Wildlife Haven.  Employees with Wildlife Haven reported that the coyote had experienced some head trauma and bruising, but no broken bones.  It is predicted that she will be released back into the wild in the coming weeks.

Employees of Wildlife Haven released a public statement warning citizens to not place “predatory animals” in their vehicles.  It should go without saying that this is a good rule to follow.  However, the main issue is that Eli did not even know that what he hit was a coyote.  So, it is fair to assume that he will be more careful from here on out.

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