We as hunters face numerous obstacles while in the field: weather, terrain, other hunters, etc.  But out of the field, our hunting heritage is getting attacked from many directions as well.  Attacks on our public lands, attacks on our freedom to bear arms and attacks on our hunting rights in general.  We all know the majority of these “attackers” are far left wingers (not of all of course) that have never stepped foot in the woods.  And it’s their right to voice their opinion but “Love Letters” like the following, shows us exactly what we are up against.

Carl from the UK, recently sent us this touching email:

“why the fk do hunters take a photo of themselves proud that they killed a living animal . that jim fat git that shot the wolf sitting there with a big smile on his face after killing a wild animal . you guys have no f*cking right to kill . how would you like it if you was hunted and shot in the head and some guy standing next to your dead body still bleeding smiling and posing for the photo . you all should be ashamed of yourselves . you are all nothing but glorified murderers . don’t put me near a hunter with a gun because i would aim that gun at the hunter not the animal and say you shoot that animal and i will blow your g*d dam head off .”

Thank you, Carl, for your touching words but WE as HUNTERS are not ashamed of putting food on our table and pushing ourselves to the limits in the field.  You, on the other hand, should be ashamed of threatening another human’s life for doing a completely legal activity.

This happens on a daily basis to us hunters.  Stand tall and be proud of our hunting heritage. Oh, and whoever Jim is in the email, congrats on the wolf kill!

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