HUNTER REMAINS FOUND IN UTAH – It has been over a year since Carl Crumrine, 69 of West Virginia, went missing in the Utah mountains.  Crumrine was hunting in Utah when he was reported missing on October 14th, 2019.  The remains of his body were finally found by another hunting party this past week.

Last Year

Crumrine was no stranger to hunting in the west.  He had hunted many states in the west, including Colorado and Utah.  However, during the fall of 2019 he came up missing while hunting the Uintah-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.

First responders and search and rescue spent countless hours searching for Crumrine following the report of his missing.  Professionals used helicopters to search for him in the general area of which he was hunting.  They also used RECCO devices from the helicopters.  These devices bounce signals off of metal objects.  However, the search still failed to locate the man.

The search was eventually called off, and Crumrine was not found in the following year.

Crumrine’s Remains Found

Crumrine’s remains were found by another hunter that was hunting that same area.  The hunter’s camp was about a mile from where Crumrine’s body was found.  Crumrine’s son, Paul Crumrine, is grateful and relieved that his father’s body was found.

“He went with his boots on doing what he loved,” Paul Crumrine said. “I can’t be more proud of him and happy for the way he went.”

Paul Crumrine expressed his appreciation for those that searched for his father.  He wished that they could have searched longer and harder last year when his father went missing.  However, he understood that with the impending weather, the search would not be effective.


We are in the heart of hunting season right now.  Hunting and hiking situations can become dangerous very quickly.  We encourage you to utilize your resources, tools and equipment to ensure you’re not put in a dangerous situation that could cause harm or danger.

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